Our work is based on these principles

We are an intercultural organization and we consider ourselves as an educational partner for employees.

In the conception, planning, implementation and evaluation of our activities we orientate ourselves on the following principles:

Combining solidarity with innovation

For us, solidarity is an encounter and exchange between people from different countries, classes, formations and cultures. By innovation we mean the ability to continuously perceive changes in educational needs, society and the working world, to develop new methods and projects and to set new goals.

Promoting the right to lifelong learning

We advocate the individual and collective right to lifelong learning as a fundamental right of the citizens of the modern knowledge-based society. The right to education and training also means access to knowledge and culture - irrespective of origin, language, gender, social and professional situation, place of residence and age.

Building bridges between cultures

We see education as an instrument for a conscious and independent choice of lifestyle, for building bridges and exchange between different cultures as well as for mutual acquaintance and recognition.

Education and training against exclusion

We are committed to eliminating obstacles and discrimination in access to education and civil rights, as well as exclusion from the labour market.

Promoting equal opportunities

We understand education as a means of promoting equal opportunities for women and men. We guarantee equality in our organisation.

Building alliances, partnerships and cooperation

We work with organizations and individuals that share our goals, values and educational policies.

Valuing employees

We promote the active participation of our employees in the life of our foundation and offer them the opportunity for further training and professional development.