Terms and conditions


The enrolment can be done through the delivery of the coupon by post, fax, e-mail, online (www.ecap.ch) or in person in the secretary and is to be considered binding only after the entry evaluation test or a consultation. By registering you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Information / Consultancy

The request for information and advice on ECAP training opportunities as well as the counselling, the interview and the assessment test are free.

Unsubscription and interruption of the course

The unsubscription up to seven days before the course is free of charge. In case of cancellation later, will be charged administrative expenses in the amount of CHF 50.00. The unsubscription must be communicated in writing.

The withdrawal of registration during the first week of the course involves the payment of administrative expenses and a quarter of the course fee. From the second week onwards, you have to pay the entire course fee. If the course had to be interrupted for reasons due to ECAP, the participants will not be charged any fees.


In case of absences, there will be no reduction of the registration fee. The lessons lost cannot be recovered.

Organization of the course

ECAP reserves the right to postpone or cancel the course due to an insufficient number of enrolments. In this case, the shares already paid will be fully refunded or will be proposed quickly other correspondents training opportunities.

If for reasons of force majeure it is not possible to guarantee classroom teaching, ECAP reserves the right to continue the course online and in distance learning.

Registration fee

The fee must be paid within the terms indicated. Payments by instalments can be agreed.

Certificate of attendance

If the course is regularly attended (at least 80%) a certificate of attendance with information on the duration and content will be awarded.

Expulsion from the course

Stating the reasons of the decision, ECAP reserves the right to expel from the course one or more participants.

Here you can download the General Terms and Conditions of ECAP.