Childcare, playgroups and kindergartens

In the regional branches of Aargau, Basel, Bern, Solothurn, Central Switzerland, Winterthur and Zurich we offer professional childcare during the lessons. Your child will be taken care of by our competent childcarerers. Look for the corresponding courses in the course search.

In Basel and Lucerne we also offer playgroups in combination with early language support for preschool children. The playgroup leaders support and promote the children in their activities and language development. Singing, painting, dancing, marveling, listening, asking questions, listening to stories, doing research... all this may have space! Come and visit us!

ECAP Basel also manages a nursery called Kindertraumhüsli (KTH), which houses children aged three months up to school age divided into two groups for a total of 16 full-time places. The KTH team works according to the latest social and educational principles and the employees are trained to support the language education of the children. Informations: [tocco-encoded-addr:MTE2LDk3LDEwMywxMDUsNDUsMTA3LDExNiwxMDQsNjQsMTAxLDk5LDk3LDExMiw0Niw5OSwxMDQ=].