Placement tests

Would you like to know how good your language skills are? After signing up, you will receive an invitation to take a free placement test. Based on your language level we will place you in the course most suited to your skills. Thus, you can learn the most efficiently in your group.

Test your German language skills in a non-binding way:

Test your Italian language skills in a non-binding way:

Language levels

Our language courses are based on the levels of linguistic competence of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages. Depending on the language, we offer courses in the following levels of competence:

A1: You can understand and answer simple questions. You are able to introduce yourself and ask other people simple questions.

A2: You are able to make yourself understood on known issues and situations and are able to tell other people something about their whereabouts and education.

B1: You are able to make yourself understood in almost all daily circumstances and know how to argue and explain things in a simple way.

B2: You understand the most important points of a text and manage to speak spontaneously and fluently with native speakers.

C1: You can also understand difficult and long texts and you can speak fluently and clearly even on more complex issues.

C2: You speak the language almost as well as your mother tongue and can read and understand practically everything.

For and with authorities

On behalf of and/or in cooperation with various cantonal authorities, ECAP carries out language assessments for the unemployed and people in naturalisation procedures. For more information, please contact our regional offices.

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