Get a proper professional education or improve your skills

Our basic and advanced training courses vary greatly from canton to canton. The current courses can be found in the course menu below the list of courses offered by cantons.

Catch-up formation

Preparation for the acquisition of a Swiss Federal Professional Diploma (EFZ or EBA) in vocational education and training in specific sectors:

  • In Ticino: Construction (bricklayers, plasterer and metal worker) and sale
  • In Vaud: Gastronomy, hotel industry and cleaning
  • In Zurich: Electrical fitter

Final Apprenticeship examinations

Preparation for the final apprenticeship examinations (LAP) in the following professions (

  • Retail trade specialist EFZ
  • Retail trade assistant EBA
  • Bricklayer EFZ
  • Specialist in Housekeeping AFC
  • Hotel manageress AFC
  • Assembly electrician AFC

Continuing education

Continuing vocational training courses in the service and industrial sector:

  • Galateo, training course for service staff in catering establishments in Ticino, Basel and Bern
  • Operator (turning and milling) and CNC programmer in Solothurn
  • Accounting with Banana in Ticino
  • Updating courses for electrician of telephone installer in Zurich
  • Verkaufsfrau, course for women in the retail trade in Bern
  • Piccobello, preparatory course for housekeeping training in Basel

The professional directory (BVZ) provides an overview of all professions recognised by the SBFI.