ECAP Winterthur

ECAP Winterthur was founded in 1970 and the first training courses took place in the metalworking and mechanical engineering sector. Training for welders was particularly in demand because the large industrial companies in Winterthur such as Sulzer, Loki, Rieter and Geilinger in particular needed these specialists. In response to the employment crisis in the 1980s and the wave of immigration from all over Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, the range of courses on offer has been continuously adapted and expanded to meet new needs.

Today, the demand for further training of migrants focuses primarily on the acquisition of the German language. Computer science courses for beginners are also popular. We are proud to continue to make a significant contribution to the integration work of the City of Winterthur with our range of courses.

ECAP Winterthur has many years of experience and competence in educational work and has over 70 qualified and well-trained employees.