Networking with various partners and clients is fundamental for the success of our work. The synergies arising from the network contribute to the development of our courses.

In particular, we cooperate with the following partners and clients:

  • beco, Berner Wirtschaft, Arbeitsvermittlung (beco, Bernese Economy, Public Employment Service)
  • Regional employment centers (RAV)
  • Erziehungsdirektion des Kantons Bern, Mittelschul- und Berufsbildungsamt, Abteilung Weiterbildung (Department of Education of the Canton Bern)
  • City of Bern, Direktion für Bildung, Soziales und Sport (Directorate for Education, Social Affairs and Sports)
  • City of Biel, Direktion für Soziales und Sicherheit (Directorate for Social Affairs and Security)
  • Fachstellen, Integrationszentren, Informationszentren
  • Integration representative of the city of Biel and Bern
  • Caritas Bern
  • Red Cross Switzerland, Canton of Bern
  • Trade unions
  • Companies and institutions
  • Authorities, social services and municipalities