ECAP Winterthur

Learn German in Winterthur

Here you can find all our extensive and semi-intensive German courses in Winterthur. These courses are ideal for you if you can attend the German course two or three times a week and are willing to learn outside of class.

The Extensive German Local courses in the afternoon, evening or Saturday are designed for people who are used to learning as well as for people who are not used to learning, who want to learn at off-peak hours, who may be working and who want to consolidate and expand their language skills over a longer period of time. With 4 lessons a week and 52 lessons per module, a language level is usually completed after one year (3 courses per CEFR level).

The semi-intensive courses with 12 lessons per week are designed for people who do not have the opportunity to attend a German intensive course, but who wish a faster learning progression. The semi-intensive offer allows a learning progression with 120 lessons per module and two modules per CEFR level.

If you do not yet know your level in German or are unsure, we offer a free placement test to help you choose the right course and get the most out of it.

If you have children of preschool age, you can book our childcare service for these courses (except in the evening and on Saturday).

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