ECAP Winterthur

German tests and examinations

Whether telc, fide or cantonal German test for naturalisation, at ECAP Winterthur you can take numerous tests and exams and certify your language skills with a certificate. The certificate is useful when looking for a job and is a prerequisite for a residence permit or naturalisation.

German test as a prerequisite for naturalisation and residence permit

For naturalisation in the Canton of Zurich, you need to pass the cantonal German naturalisation test (KDE). For the residence permit, a certificate (telc, test fide or KDE) is required to certify German language knowledge at level A2.

Fide test

ECAP Winterthur is accredited for the fide test and conducts it in the national language, German, in levels A1 to B1. The fide test was introduced by the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) and is recognised everywhere in Switzerland. After successfully taking the fide test, you will receive a language passport that can be used with the authorities, for further education or when looking for a job.

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