ECAP Ticino Unia

ECAP Ticino UNIA was founded in 1994 through the cooperation between the Sindacato Edilizia e Industria del Ticino (now Sindacato UNIA) and the ECAP Foundation. Our activities are accredited and financed by the Vocational Training Department of the Canton of Ticino (Divisione della Formazione Professionale).

On behalf of the Employment Office of the Canton of Ticino (Ufficio delle Misure Attive of the Sezione Cantonale del Lavoro) and in cooperation with the regional employment offices, we offer group courses to support the reintegration of unemployed persons into the labour market as well as courses for those who wish to start their own company. Within the framework of cantonal measures to promote the integration of migrants, we offer Italian language courses in various municipalities.

We usually work in close cooperation with public schools and other educational institutions that are committed to the education and training of workers and the unemployed. We have concluded agreements with the vocational and trade schools (SPAI) of Biasca, Bellinzona, Locarno, Trevano and Mendrisio as well as with the commercial schools of Lugano and Chiasso to carry out joint training projects and courses.

The operational management of the regional office is governed by a cooperation agreement with the UNIA trade union. The coordinating body consists of a member of UNIA, the Executive Director of the ECAP Foundation and the Regional Office Manager, who is responsible for the operational management.