ECAP Basel

Networking with various partners and clients is fundamental for the success of our work. We use the resulting synergies for the continuous development of our courses and services.

We cooperate with the following partners and clients, among others:

  • Amt für Berufsberatung, Berufs- und Erwachsenenbildung (Office for guidance, vocational training and adult education) of the Canton of Basel-City
  • Amt für Wirtschaft und Arbeit (Office for Economy and Labour) of the Canton of Basel-City
  • Ausländerdienst Baselland (Foreigners Service Basel Countryside)
  • Migration GGG
  • Berufsfachschule (Vocational Training School) of Basel
  • Fachverband Arbeitsintegration Nordwestschweiz (Association for the Integration of Labour in Northwestern Switzerland)
  • Erziehungsdepartement (Department of Education) of the Canton of Basel-City
  • Fachstelle Erwachsenenbildung (Competence Center for Adult Education) of the Canton of Basel Countryside
  • Trade union Unia
  • Fachstelle Diversität und Integration (Competence Center for Diversity and Inclusion) of Basel-City
  • K5 Basler Kurszentrum
  • Kantonales Amt für Industrie, Gewerbe und Arbeit (Cantonal office of industry, crafts and work) of the canton of Basel Countryside
  • Migrant organizations
  • Consulate of Italy in Basel
  • Joint Commission for the construction sector of the cantons of Basel City and Basel Countryside
  • Joint Commission for the cleaning sector
  • Regional employment centers (RAV)
  • Sozialhilfe und Arbeitsintegrationszentrum AIZ Basel (Center for Social Assistance and Employment in Basel)
  • Municipalities, public authorities and social services in the cantons of Basel City and Basel Countryside
  • Verband für Sozialhilfe VSO des Kantons Basel-Landschaft (Association for Social Assistance of the canton of Basel Countryside)
  • Firms and companies