ECAP Aargau

Networking with various partners and clients is fundamental for the success of our work. We use the resulting synergies for the continuous development of our courses and services.

We cooperate with the following partners and clients, among others:

  • Migration Office of the Canton of Aargau
  • AIA Contact Point Integration Aargau
  • Office for Economic Affairs and Labour of the Canton of Aargau (AWA)
  • BKS Vocational Training and Secondary School Section of the Department of Education, Culture and Sport of the Canton of Aargau
  • Caritas Aargau
  • Departement of integration, Baden
  • HEKS Linguadukt, Aargau/Solothurn
  • Naturama Aarau
  • Private sector companies
  • Regional employment agencies (RAV)
  • Various municipalities in the canton of Aargau

We are a member of:

  • AKAF, Arbeitskreis für Ausländerfragen (Workgroup for foreigners’ issues)
  • DaF, the Swiss Association of Teachers of German as a Second Language
  • IGEB, Interessengemeinschaft für Erwachsenenbildung im Kanton Aargau (Interest Group for Adult Education of the Canton of Aargau)
  • Kanal K, local radio
  • Netzwerk Bildung und Migration (Network Education and Migration)