ECAP supports war refugees

ECAP is always on the side of those who suffer and those who are forced to flee to escape from war and violence. For years, the participants in our courses have included people from all of the world's many scenes of war and suffering, from the best known to the almost forgotten. We work to help them, wherever they come from, to integrate quickly into society and the world of work, to acquire the tools (whether knowledge of local languages or professional skills) to be able to make free and autonomous life choices. By facilitating the acquisition of tools that allow communication between people coming from different languages and cultures we also intend to promote the culture of peace, solidarity and civil coexistence.

The emergency linked to the war in Ukraine has led many institutions, associations and private people, who deal with reception, to ask us how and where people fleeing from that conflict can learn their national languages, what courses they can attend and under what conditions. We think that the best way to promote the learning of national languages and the rapid integration in the Swiss society and in the world of work, is to make possible the participation in courses together with migrants of all backgrounds, which are organized and conducted professionally and which correspond to the individual linguistic and training skills.

On this page we have therefore gathered all our training offerings accessible to refugees with S status and information on the conditions of participation in the various cantons. We will update and integrate this information as we receive more information.

However, if necessary we are available to municipalities, cantons and host organizations to organize additional courses.

For any further information you can contact our regional centers or write us at [tocco-encoded-addr:MTE3LDEwNywxMTQsOTcsMTA1LDExMCwxMDEsNjQsMTAxLDk5LDk3LDExMiw0Niw5OSwxMDQ=].